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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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debris from that bus there lying on the street. newark police tell us about 25 people were treated for injuries, including the driver, none of those injuries are life- threatening. witnesses told us that the driver was telling police that someone may have cut her off. of course, police are still investigating exactly how this happened. reporting live in newark, new jersey, valerie castro, cbs2 news. >> thank you. he broke down barriers and inspired a generation of artists tonight, the world is mourning the death of david bowie who died after a private 18-month battle with cancer. emily smith has reaction from his home in so soho. >> reporter: we've been out here all day watching fans gather. you can see candles and flowers and song lyrics. the pile continues to grow. to him, this was his home away from home. >> reporter: whether david
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oddity or his most recent jazz- countless fans. >> he means a lot. he means my youth. he means extremely sentimental memories for me. changes >> reporter: from siggy stardust to his white suited popstar in the mid '80s, he kept changing. >> reporter: he was born david jones in london in 1947. he told cbs in 2002 how he became a music artist. >> i mean, until quite late in my teens, i didn't know if i was gonna be in music or painting. i kept going -- vacillateing and i opted for music. >> reporter: it was a decision that influenced generations of performers including jj french who formed the group, twisted scissor.
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bowie, there would be no twisted sister. the bowie medley from the ziggy album were the staple. you couldn't come see twisted sister without lferning to those songs from that album. we loved bowie and we changed as he did. >> there would be no madonna or lady gaga without david bowie. >> reporter: he died peacefully surrounded by his family after a battle with cancer. every fan has an idea of what he meant with him and what his best stuff was remembering this -- dancing in the streets >> reporter: a great duet moment from 1985 with mick original. >> reporter: and his birthday
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years oild. his latest -- years old. his latest album came out then. we're packed in. there's so many people, foreign press, press all paying tribute to david bowie. emily smith, cbs2 news. >> thank you. as david bowie battled cancer, he collaborated on the musical la za rith running off broadway and working off album just released on friday, which was his birthday. fans are listening to it for final messages. he recorded a video of the title show showing him in a hospital bed. look up here i'm in heaven . >> his long-time producer said this was his parting death and his death was no different from his life. a work of art. well, family, friends and celebrities are heading to social media to express their
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>> his son duncan posted this picture, saying, very sad and sad to say it's true. >> kanye west said he was one of my most inspirations. lifetime. bono tweeted this picture saying planet earth is blue and madonna tweeted this picture saying i was so lucky to have met you. if you want to share your memories head to cbsnew york and look at our facebook page. in other news, calls for unity at police search for a fifth suspect in an alleged gang rape. local leaders say this type of violence has no place in their community. we're live in prospect heights for more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, now four of those suspects are being held here at the special victims unit. we've just learned from police
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suspects here have prior juvenile records. one was arrested for attempted murder. the other arrested for attempted robbery. now, sources say police have identified that fifth suspect. they are still looking for him. he's on the run. they do believe he's the ringleader, the one with the gun and community leaders want him off the street. putting up a united front, community leaders in brownsville, brooklyn gathered in the same playground where police say the disturbing assault took place demanding in. >> we want to tell that individual, who is out there, that we will not rest as churches, as community leaders until he's apprehended and faces the full extent of the law. >> reporter: sources tell us two of the suspects both 15 years old were turned in my by their parents. the other two, 17 and 18 were found by investigators on sunday. >> you are not gonna rape women in our community and think you are gonna get away with it. >> reporter: sources say the 18-
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in osborn park last thursday night with her father when these teens approached them. one of the teens allegedly pointed a gun at the father and ordered to him to leave. he ran to the store and asked to use the known but was denied. police say the suspects took turn raping his daughter. they stormed into the store looking for answers. >> he feels bad for the situation but he's not the one here. >> reporter: the father urgently expressed his request. we pressedden the owner for his side of the story. but he refused. other store employees say customers are constantly asking to use their phones.
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>> yeah, a lot. >> reporter: sources say two of the suspects here in custody have said that the incident with the woman was consensual. filed. reporting live from brooklyn, back to you. >> all right. thank you. strong wind may have caused metal to close onto a street from a hotel. three panels detached from the 44th floor of the sheradan hotel and dropped to the street. no one was injured. the building department is looking into the exact cause but says high wind is likely to blame. they will install a shed as a precaution. there's definitely a chill in the air. >> it's back. that's for sure. let's get a first look at our frosty forecast. lonnie quinn is standing by. >> i can tell you temperatures outside right now, 20 degrees colder than yesterday. take a look. you are 32 in the city. one of the warmest readings. 33 in greenwich.
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19 in monticello. hour. it feels like 24 in the city. feels like 19 in spar taliban. feels like 9 in monticello. here's what we see going on -- your temperatures as you get into the nighttime hours, okay, granted, they are dropping down, the winds are out. city. you will be feeling like you are 20 or colder around 11:00 p.m. for everybody. for everybody. then interesting, by tomorrow morning, 7:30, feels warmer out there. the reason is we're watching some moisture make its way into the area all part of a front. a little burst of some warmer air. you are feeling like 23 at 7:30 tomorrow morning. skies overhead right now, nice and clear, no indication of any moisture at all but it's making its way here. i will show it to you later in this newscast. know for tomorrow morning, it's quiet out there. and then you see more cloud, 40 degrees will be the high temperature. there's precipitation at 40. it will be tough whether it's rain or snow.
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i've got some accumulations we'll talk about that later. tomorrow could be kind of messy especially later on in the day. back to you. >> see you in a few. new information now, u.s. attorney said there's insufficient evidence to prove governor cuomo committed a crime when he shut down an anti- -corruption scandal. cuomo's decision was criticized. a car plows through a 7- eleven hitting two police officers. kristine sloan talked to one of the officers. >> reporter: watch closely as this 1966 buick crashes into the front glass door of the 7- eleven in wallington, new jersey driving into the officer at the counter and his partner.
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with my left arm up and my left leg went up and i was just waiting for impact. and then i know we're on our backs. >> reporter: sergeant thomas crook, the officer in orange who flies over the hood of the car on sunday, landing on top of officer peter. >> it was tough in that moment. >> reporter: tough in what way? >> just the whole scene. it was just very surprising. >> reporter: what was going through your mind when you saw that car come in? what's going on? is there a medical problem with this guy that he just entered the store with the car or is he trying to hurt us as cops? >> the droosh -- driver identified as robert devlynn charging him with driving while impaired and assault by auto. we knocked on the door for the address listed for him. nobody answered the door. did he say anything? >> something about his brakes.
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driver being taken into custody by the officers. you can see the officerrer willing as the two -- officer limping as the two head out the door. neither seriously hurt. >> luck. >> reporter: 20 minutes before this, the officers were directing traffic at a local church. kristine sloan, cbs2 news. >> wow. sergeant says he believes his rain coat and bulletproof vest prevented being hit. he won a powerball a and won $8. he plans to go back and buy another one. police say that the nypd officer shot over the weekend in the bronx was hit by friendly fire during a gunpoint with a suspect. the shooting started after police responded to a street fight outside an illegal party on saturday.
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accused of opening fire. 25-year-old officer stewart was hit in the ankle by a bullet from another officer's gun during crossfire. rice will be charged with attempted murder and officer stewart is still recovering at the hospital. still ahead, michael bloomberg for president? and new controversy over mammograms. and a growing jackpot is pulling people toward powerball and at least one sign shows not number. and the latest in fitness
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the world's largest jackpot is up for grabs. the powerball now at $1.4 billion and it is growing. that's $868 million cash before taxes. and as you can imagine, powerball fever is just spreading everywhere. jackpot is now so big that some
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the record-setting number. lottery officials reveal this jackpot estimate daily. if ticket sales continue, they say the jackpot could grow bigger before wednesday's drawing. i say it will. >> oh, yeah. when they were billing the billboards they were saying there's no way those numbers will go beyond that. >> no way. the ringling bros. & barnum and bailey circus is ending early. >> reporter: the greatest show on earth will soon be saying fare well to their remaining 11 el le maents. expected. >> in may, we'll move all of our elephants, including these ones from our touring units of ringling bros. >> reporter: the parent company announced last year it would be retiring the elephants in 2018 because of growing public
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and new laws across the country also made it challenging to use elephants in certain cities and towns. >> it's become more difficult and will become more difficult in the future to tour elephants and we thought this would be in elephants. >> reporter: the property in florida already houses dozens of elephants. the entertainers were transition into a new role. >> gotten involved in this ground-breaking pediatric cancer research that involved our elephants. >> reporter: because cancer is than humans. scientists believe their blood may hold the key to a cure. samples. >> it's a sham. >> reporter: but they will well. >> they take a charitable dweeb dukdz but it's a profit-making enterprise at the animals' expense. >> reporter: for now the attractions will continue a
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than a century. >> that relationship is the most reward, to share that rewith such amazing -- relationship with such amazing creatures. >> reporter: although that relationship will be changing. back to you. >> we hope they are okay. beautiful animals. >> they really are. important news if you are thinking of getting a mammogram to screen for breast cancer. >> the government task force has issued new recommendations for who should and should not get the test. dr. max gogez-- dr. max gomez explains. >> they printed a preview on the benefits and harmful effects of mammography. they conclude it's helpful but only for some women. >> there's no family history. no reason for me to think i would ever have breast cancer. there was nothing. >> reporter: even without any
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miller had followed the old screening guidelines and had a mammogram tat age 43. several suspicious areas led to -- >> they did a mastectomy and reconstruction. >> reporter: under new guidelines by the task force, suzanne might not have had that mammogram. the new recommendations are broken down by age. from age 40 to 49, no routine mammogram and whether to have one should be individualized after a discuss with her doctor about risk factors, values, presences and health history. this has breast surgeons concerns because many cancers are found under women under 50. >> their diagnosis will be of later stages, of larger sides and that can eightert treatment and the need for chemotherapy. >> reporter: from 50 to 74 years of age, a mammogram every two years is considered safe. after age 74 mammograms are not rekded even though breast
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up with age. >> the rate was actually double what we found in younger women. most of those that we diagnosed were invasive cancers which could alter their life span. >> reporter: suzanne is thankful she had her mammogram under the previous guidelines. >> i was 43. so if i hadn't have it until i was 50, that would mean seven years with a cancer inside me that i didn't know about. >> many breast cancer centers we spoke with will continue to follow the previous guidelines that women should get mammograms at age 40. but the new recommendations may affect whether health insurance will pay for those. these are screening mammograms meaning no lump is present, no other actual thing with a tumor. these are screening mammograms. >> are there risks involved? >> well, the risks are false
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there's no cancer found. there's a lot of anxiety. radiation is now so low, it's not a risk. >> thank you. >> thank you. it's been a while since we've seen snow but that could change over the next few days. >> all right. the news we've been waiting for. lonnie quinn tracking that from the weather center. >> excited? a. >> a little bit. >> pretty good-looking sky over the city. it's clear and cold. it's 32 degrees. we're set up for some moisture to be frozen if it was gonna move in. let's look here carefully at the situation. right now, the cold air is in place. everybody is running over 20 degrees colder at this hour verses where they were yesterday at this hour, right? and moisture you had yesterday was -- it was rain out there. we were watching this low- okay. it's gonna get pushed to the east-northeast. we'll get clipped by it. the lower tier of this low. it's not yoen roll over the area. it will come with this batch of
5:22 pm
front. the temperatures will go up tomorrow. future cast by 2:00, 3:00, you start hinting at the moisture, see the moisture in. you are seeing snow. those are snowflakes. you see that blue color. the pink would show you the sleet. the green shows you the rain. by 10:00 p.m., a little bit of that still lingers. the way it breaks down as far as accumulations, not big numbers. good chunk of the area sees about .50. that's the area in gray. this is all mixed in gray. about .50 to an inch if you go north and west. very much driven by elevation. the higher elevations won't get the warmer air. the city has a high of 40 degrees tomorrow. you are looking at a quiet morning with rain transitioning to snow out there but not a big storm. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next -- cbs2
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>> reporter: you could have a ticking tom bomb under your house and don't know of it. >> some of the oldest gas pipes under your house. are you at risk. and the high-rise rescue that may rattle your nerves. and combating the homeless problem. and detecting kids from concussions, the proposals in westchester county for all high school and youth supports
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getting national attention. yocage50egio teettvndho f yrfit ar usita ye aeent osiv y $0 ck
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from the city to the suburbs, thousands of miles of some of the country's oldest and decaying gas mains lie just before the surface of our streets. >> we investigate this potential danger underground. new york in the 20th century, there were rails delivering gas to buildings. more than 100 years later, the landscape has drastically changed. but some of those exact same mains are still delivering our gas today. >> that infrastructure is long past the service life. it's dangerous. >> reporter: he says they are
5:26 pm
ultimately leaks. >> it was left in way too lock. now something has to be done. >> reporter: he points to a string of accidents, the largest that happened in northern california in 2010, killing nine people and destroying people including this woman's best friend. >> her house was at the epicenter where the pipe exploded. >> reporter: she was spurred by her friend's loss to investigate chronicle gas explosion days cases. >> you could have a ticking time bomb under your house and not know 2. >> reporter: con edison said since 2014 they've been replacing old mains at a rate of 65 miles per year. they have replacerd the mabs and will triple the rate of replacement to 510 miles this year. >> that's led to a lot of less leaks a across the center. >> reporter: this man says the
5:27 pm
by 0% but many neighborhoods may still be vulnerable. >> it's the oldest part. northern manhattan, the bronx. >> reporter: they are doing more to check for leaks, they say. >> it would eventually involve having a specialized truck drive down the city and residential streets. it's not a big ordeal. it will identify gas leaks just pie driving over -- by driving over the main. >> reporter: experts suggest installing a gas detector in your home for extra protection. up next, women feeling unsafe in the city sidewalks even word of assault in cabs. lawmakers are calling for specific action to keep women out of danger. also president bloomberg? why some say he could take a shot at the presidency. wound aide give you a look
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could the presidential race billionaires? another money man from our area geepg. >> welcome back.
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a surprise development in the presidential race. another new yorker with deep pockets thinking about entering the race. his name is not trump. >> marcia kramer joins us with more. >> well, sources tell me michael bloomberg has commissioned a poll to see how he would do if he ran against hillary clinton and donald trump. he's flirted with running before. now he's trying to gauge the dissatisfaction level voters have with the current candidates. >> well -- >> mike bloomberg might be ready to they his hat into the ring. >> i bet you didn't know i play the guitar. i'm working on a new song, mamas don't let your babies grow up to be mayor. >> but it's okay if they are president. he can kiss babies, eat hot dogs and as the willingness to don that cowboy shows, he has ability to cam pan in areas
5:32 pm
>> there's so much uncertainty, people are looking for someone and mike bloomberg might be that someone. >> michael moss says bloomberg, who has toyed with running for president before, may have a good shot as a self-funded third-party candidate because both hillary clinton and donald trump have high negatives and are facing strong challenges in the iowa and new hampshire primaries. >> there is a lot of frustration out there. depending upon whon emerge -- who emerges, there may be an opportunity for a third-party candidate. people are very unhappy, dissatisfied. >> other third-party challenges, george wallace, john anderson and ross perot. many want bloomberg to go for it in 2016. >> i would vote for hill. i like him -- for him. i like him.
5:33 pm
he's not on anybody's side but the right side or what he thinks is the right side. he's not always right. >> at least bloomberg seems to be a balanced man. >> i would vote for him. >> i think he would be great. >> michael bloomberg, that would be awful. i like donald trump. >> okay. so you can't please all of the people. admittedly a third-party race would be pardon but maybe no harder than the race bloomberg faced when he ran for mayor in 2001. in any event, he said there are only three jobs in the public sector worth having, mayor president of the world bank and president of the united states. he might get one of his wishes. >> anything is possible as we're seeing every day. >> very strange election. >> thank you. >> thank you. an increase in reported sexual assaults is creating more concern for women across new york city. many don't feel safe and a
5:34 pm
commissioner is raising a few eye brothers. >> brother -- eye brothers. >> reporter: another vicious crime to a woman, slashed in the face by a stranger with a knife. >> my logic, if i look at the ground and mind my own business, he will leave me alone. >> reporter: that wasn't the case and with an intercease in rapes more women are worried about their own safety. >> i probably wouldn't walk alone at night. >> reporter: this woman lives in the east village. do you know of safe spots? do you think about that stuff? >> stay along more of the busier streets where there's more people or shops or or take a cab. >> reporter: speaking about an increase in sexual assaults in cabs and other for-hire course, commissioner bratton urged the women to use a buddy system. >> if you are coming out of the bar and you are too inebriated to drive, you can take public system.
5:35 pm
table as your approach. >> reporter: this city councilwoman said that's not appropriate and is calling for more reserses to stop violence -- resources to stop violence against women, including calling for all cabs to install panic buttons to instantly alert police. >> it empowers you that are you in a situation that can do something. >> i think we should look automatic all -- look at all of the options. >> reporter: meanwhile, will want to watch their backs. a group called the center for taxi safety supports installing panic alarms in yellow cabs but want all four- hire vehicles to do the same. uber say they've already made safety improvements. the fbi is looking into a
5:36 pm
against police after the attack on a police officer in pennsylvania. the man is part of a group of four men. ed archer was arrested and charged with attempted murder in the shooting. he allegedly told police he had pledged alliance to the islamic state group. investigators say the anonymous tip from the woman claim he's not the most radical of the four and that the threat to police is not over. new video shows a dramatic raid of el chapo's hideout. the notorious mexican drug lord was recaptured on friday after six months on the run. joaquin "el chapo" guzman excaped a maximum security july. tonight, the pleadings to bring him back to the u.s. are underway. the mexican officials warn the months. coming up next -- when they
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didn't think twice. why three long island cops are refusing to be called heroes. this is not what you want to see when you leave your home in the morning. maybe some people do, where the brutal winter weather is hitting. and today in history, 1964, the surgeon general issued the first report delay delaying cigarette smoking a health hazard that far outweighs other factors. the previous year 70 million
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some police officers in nassau county were recognized for their bravery tonight and their work. >> not just for fighting crime but for their heroic rescue efforts at the scene of a fire. scott rappaport has the story. >> reporter: amidst the crimes of smoke from the raging fire at this apartment building in west hempstead on friday, three hero cops -- >> they have no gear on, risking their own lives to help other people.
5:41 pm
pba honoring the three police officers. all credited with saving multiple lives from this potentially deadly fire acting on instinct. >> i just want to help people in distress. >> reporter: the fire broke out at a furniture store and quickly spread to other buildings. black smoke billowing, seemingly everywhere. the three dops were the first -- cops were the first to respond and saw people drab trapped on the upper flows. two of the officers grabbed a ladder from a nearby construction site and used it to to rescue two people from a second-floor window. that's the officer at the top of the ladder. he said they rescued the second person just in time. >> he couldn't breathe. he had black soot pouring out of his nose. >> reporter: in the back of the building, officer morrow helped rescue four more people, two of
5:42 pm
>> climbed up the ladder, grabbed the children and carried them down. >> reporter: we're told no one was seriously injured. >> we don't think of ourselves as heroes. doing our job. >> reporter: thanks to the three police officers who kept their cool under the pressure under the heat. >> the nassau county pba said there were two other officers involved in the rescue but they were unable to meet with us today. they say all of the officers already considered for departmental medals. >> they are so humble, aren't they? >> yeah, good work. >> they are wired so differently. >> they approach it, it's just part of a day's work. we look at it holy cow look what these guys are doing. sounds too good to be true. a workout where you don't break a sweat. next, classes focusing on your mind instead of your body.
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breaking news happening in the wood lawn section of the bronx right now. live pictures from chopper 2. you can see this home engulfed with fire. several ladders have responded to the scene. we're told there are no injuries at this time. but clearly, it's a very active situation. we'll keep our eyes on this and let you know any new developments as we get it. take a lack at this video from -- a look at this video from houston. a scaffolding partially collapsing, leaving window washers dangling 75 feet in the air. no one was hurt. investigators say a motor failure caused some of the scaffolding support lines to give way. imagine going to your car and finding this -- icy water along with snow, rain and heavy winds led to this car being frozen in place.
5:47 pm
along route 5 in hamburg, new york. the lake-effect snee band was dumping about 2 inches of snow an hour on the region just this morning. we won't have to worry about making too much snow here just yet. at least not like that. but noticeably colder out there. >> even up in the snowbelt like buffalo, rochester, they are way behind where they typically are. >> oh, yeah. about two weeks ago they were complaining no snow. >> yeah, two weeks ago they would normally have 2 feet of snow. they had one inch. they are catching up. it's not looking to be one of those banner snow years. the skies are looking pretty good out there. kind of dark. the sun sets later each day now. around 4:55. the is up set today. it's clear, cold, 32. high temperature was 40 degrees. we are airplane talking about this cold air. look at the time samp.
5:48 pm
afternoon, it never felt like you were getting above the freeze mark. right now you sit at the freezing mark. my headlines look at this. it -- it won't be as cold on tuesday. gonna be really cold come wednesday. and then the snowfall that chris and christina were talking about, so far no measurable snow in new york city. we've had a trace. if you are wondering if that's the longest we've waited, nome. we've waited until january 29th in 1973. we have a chance to see some. the numbers are not astronomical numbers. they where shaded in this gray. a few flakes, half an inch. north of that, .50 to an inch. the most aggressive model is putting new york city like around 3/10 of snow and then you get up to 1.3 for monticello. not a lot of available moisture and also the cold air is gonna be a bit of an issue. right now, it's clear.
5:49 pm
to the north, lake-effect snow up around watertown and buffalo. they haven't had too much. they are picking it up right now. but for the season has been on the low side. we're watching this low around chicago with this trailing cold front. but remember, classic setup, leading warm front ahead of that, okay, so this is the air mass that will put our temperatures up around 40 degrees warm. is it rain? is it snow? you will be right there on the mixing line. as far as your day tomorrow, this is 4:30 in the afternoon. they are primarily north and west. then you get to 8:00. we could see some snow in the city. you are right there, that pink shrine is the sleet line. the green line is rain. could see a little bit of everything out there and not too much moisture. that's why the numbers are not all that large. the numbers temperature-wise, 40 tomorrow. 32 by the time you get to wednesday. but you are starting off
5:50 pm
then you get to thursday. thursday's high temp will be 37. thursday morning you are cold again at 23. friday, 42. saturday looking at 40 degrees. sunday, 43. monday, 39 right across the board there and just to put it back into perspective. average temperatures should be about 38. >> does that count as the first traceable snow? >> the trace does not count as measurable snow. >> thank you. >> thank you. well, it's the time of the year when the gym is packed with those who made those new year's resolutions to get fit. >> but the latest have less to do with the body and instead focus on the mine. mary has more on the meditation workout. >> reporter: these people are working out their troubles. >> reporter: not on a treadmill. >> one more deep inhale. >> reporter: but in meditation class. >> when i decided it open this
5:51 pm
>> reporter: susie is the owner of the new style of brain gym. she said the goal was to make it easier and more accessible to get their minds in shape. >> you kind of walk in feeling icky and walk out feeling great. you learn it, you get it and you go. that's what i wanted to create. >> reporter: there's a full menu of classes in these mindful fitness centers, they focus on tapping, described as acupuncture without needles, there's also aromatherapy and a variety of other meditative practices all designed to calm the mind. holly has been meditating for almost a year. says it's been wonders. >> my husband says what are you doing differently? you look different. you act different. you react to things differently. >> reporter: there are numerous studies that show mindful ntsb meditation can improve symptoms of anxiety,
5:52 pm
>> we are all overstressed. all overworked. help is a dire situation for many people. it's caused by stress. so practices like meditation help us slow down and breathe, help us self-regulate. >> reporter: for shulman it's worked. >> it's helped me calm down a lot. it's made all of my recollections -- my relationships better. >> better. >> the classes he help participants improve their memory and their mood. >> gonna start tapping your face. >> quieting the mind is one of the most difficult things to do. >> it really is. >> definitely makes a difference. could it be a new celebrity couple?
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scenes to see who was snuggling you up after the golden globe parties. and a new cab that's
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the awards ceremony last celebrations. then came of after parties. >> what is great about the parties, you get a crazy mix of people which can lead to some very juicy gossip. orlando bloom and katy perry. check out what our team of reporters spotted and overherd after hours at the golden globes. order bloom totally hanging on katy perry's every word, sharing this moment and then a sweet partying of the days. >> they arrived and left separately with friends but while there they were talking it and dancing close all night long. >> reporter: security was tight for all of the parties, most of which are held inside the beverly hilton. so the stars can party hop. taylor kinney knew just what no
5:57 pm
>> amy schumer was with her boyfriend ben. jennifer was ready to party and dress. j lf low was ready to party. she changed you out of her one. >> reporter: so much more to back to you. 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. the most-wanted man in new york. police just released video showing gunfire in the streets, a man shot dead and now police need help finding the gunman. turn and face the changes a music legend remembering
5:58 pm
and youth sports could change forever in one suburban county. the new plan to keep kids safe. and a new warning about pills used to treat heartburn and acid reflux. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. cbs2 is demanding answers and getting action after our continuing coverage of the homeless problem in new york city. the city has announced plans to get them off the streets into and shelters. dick brennan has more. >> reporter: yeah, kristine, drop-in centers are not for long-term stays. they are not like the shelters. but they are not as intimidates and they often get people on the path to housing. after our reporting, there will be more of them. >> want to announce today an expansion of drop-in centers which is another tool in helping to bring people in off the streets. >> reporter: if that sounds family, it's because you heard it here first, we look you inside these drop-in centers weeks ago.
5:59 pm
december 17th.


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